How much did Surbhi Rathore charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Surbhi Rathore charge for one Instagram post?

Surbhi Rathore is a content creator and brand collaborator born on 3rd December 2000, known for her fashion sense and flamboyant personality. Tiktok was the Kickstarter of her glorious career as a content creator/ fashion influencer. She gained a fair share of followers on Tiktok back in the day all thanks to her creative and fun transitions. People specifically enjoyed watching her lip sync with her rumoured boyfriend Mohak Narang, they were quite a cute duo on the app. 

She is a Sagittarius and enjoys pranking her close ones. Skilled in captivating a large audience through her unique take on trends and keeping up with the latest audio. Unfortunately, when tiktok was tossed in the bin under Indian orders, a fair share of people on TikTok embraced youtube and Instagram as a medium of showcasing their talent of being able to capture maximum likes in the short human attention span of 15 seconds. 

Surbhi started her youtube channel and has been growing ever since! As of now, she has 2.05M subscribers on youtube, all of those who wait for her to upload her content.

She came into the headlines via tiktok but irrespective she continues to live her colorful life in Delhi she chose to be a social media influencer. Surbhi Rathore charges a hefty amount for posting on her Instagram handle, and sure enough, earns a fistful doing the same!

Professional and Personal life: In-depth

Surbhi enjoys a lavish social media life, with a whopping 3.6M followers on Instagram she is into brand collaboration with top brands. Her source of income is what she charges for mentions in her Instagram posts, stories, and reels, and also what she earns via collaborating with brands. 

Her parents Mrs. Kanchan Rathore and Mr. Rajendra Rathore support her in her lifestyle and choices and her sister Leher Rathore looks idolizes her! At the age of 23 as of 2023, she earns her living on her own and gives back to her family in all ways possible. Her reels are professionally shot and posted at intervals that elevate her Instagram presence, no wonder she has a large audience watching her follow and keep up with trends.

Surbhi’s youtube audience enjoys her documentation of daily events. She actively shares her experience of incidents and events all over social media platforms. Her vlogs and prank videos work the best amongst her fans, they specifically enjoy watching her prank her friends and get a good laugh about the same!

Being a fashion icon on Instagram, a fair share of the audience fancies her fashion sense, this allows her to collaborate with big brands as an established fashion influencer and a large number of virtual audience supporting her fashion fiesta!

Archived Facts and Figures

Surbhi emerged from the advance of TikTok and continued to mark her road to success even after that, she enjoys traveling the world and shopping! She was a crowned muser, a title really popular amongst people on TikTok.

Let’s Collaborate with Surbhi Rathore!

Being a social media influencer she is very particular about what goes on her Instagram page. “With great power, comes great responsibility”, understanding the quote, she aims to influence people to be good and do good. 

Surbhi Rathore’s average Instagram charges are as given below:

Instagram story- 1- 2lac

Instagram reel- 1- 3lac

Instagram static- 70- 80k

Instagram carousel- 90k- 1lac

Fun facts to know before you go

  • Surbhi enjoys a good caffeinated beverage.
  • She completed her graduation from Delhi University.
  • She has always been into modeling and worked tirelessly to get where she is now.
  • She is particularly fond of actor Shah Rukh Khan and actor Varun Dhawan